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It is a good artical and helpful for me to read it.There is a short story as follows:On the Vietnam War, the Americans have been constant controversy, some people think that the United States is to help the Vietnamese people, the other part that the United States have no right to intervene in the affairs of other countries. So many years after the war in this debate. In this way, or participation in the Vietnam War who died on the battlefields of the relatives, it was cold-shouldered by. Xiu was raised a monument to the hearts of the people Moping wounds. 1982, the U.S. Congress agreed to the request of the Vietnam War veterans, Vietnam decided to build a monument to those killed in action, a nationwide collection design. 21-year-old Chinese female college student Maya Lin's design of the programme in 1441 entries were selected. She was the Department of Architecture at Yale University or fourth grade students. She designed the programme are: black, like two sides of the mirror, like the granite wall, like open books to the extension of both sides. Intersection of the two wall below the horizon, about three meters high, the bottom line at both ends of up to gradually, until the intersection with the ground. Keman on the wall the names of those killed in action. Maya Lin said: "When you along the slopes, looking at both sides of the wall and a luminous, as if reading a de************************************ion of the history of the Vietnam War." Maya Lin's design has generated controversy. So many high value of construction works have been masters of elimination, one of the girls had not yet graduated from the University of the works, how good will «Some people say: It is like Australia's indigenous civilian dart back and back darts means that disaster will repeat itself . Some people say: This is a black hole on the ground, is a symbol of trouble. Some people say: Monument should????, Majestic, and not into the ground floor. Next, gradually escalating criticism to personal attacks. What "Poqiang disgrace", "It is humiliating cloacae," "black scars." Maya Lin was ridiculed, you can really lucky, only on paper painting a black line, Take the title. Finally, personal attacks and upgraded to a political attack. Saying that: "how can a design of Asians in Asia in the war memorial, for us Americans is not the irony too?», "A U.S. Monopoly is a monument to see the Asian design, Danu. Those of his own money to the angry Vietnam veteran Mai Jipiao and encourage them to Washington to protest. He also arranged for a group of people put forward by the government funding, a white sculptor, including a re-design of the three U.S. soldiers and a U.S. flag sculpture, built in Maya Lin's memorial in front. Trouble like the last, even the U.S. Interior Minister Walter also out intervention, he said: If we can not reach a compromise and opponents, the monument built on the abolition of the scheme. Maya Lin stick to their stand. She pointedly noted: those things attached to the original amounts to a defect caused by the invasion of conduct. She did not agree with brutal style of the monument will be two practices together. She said: "This is certainly the main design of 'people', rather than political. Only when you accept this suffering, to accept the reality of this death, they can be out of the shadow, they go beyond. I do hope that People crying it, and has since dominated his return to bright. " The situation more severe. We are fortunate that the U.S. construction industry and the arts community is Houdao, advocates of academic fair. In order to pacify their argument, a decision to re-examine all the 1441 contest entries. All the judges to vote again, we still agreed that Maya Lin's works is indeed the best. However, in order to reconcile their strong voices of opposition, but also to such a talented, outstanding works to come out, finally agreed to a monument in the vicinity to build a "three soldiers copper plastic" and a U.S. flag. October 1982, the monument built, the monument engraved surface of the 58,132 U.S. war dead by name. The completion of the day held a grand opening ceremony, people in the monument to find himself in the Vietnam War who died in the name of friends or relatives, presented flowers and gifts, placed grief. However, the ceremony did not surprise anyone that Maya Lin's name! At the ceremony of the program, only Yinzhao design of another person, "the three soldiers copper plastic." The controversy has not been completely calm fever, Maya Lin has left the centre of an upsurge - Washington, and began the road to continue their education. This Chongrubujing, practical efforts of the character of people suddenly thought of her family. Her father was a ceramic experts, Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Ohio, the mother is a professor of English literature, Ohio. Gu Fu is China's construction master Liang Sicheng and Lin Huiyin aunt is. The impact of family, the influence of relatives, suffered personal education achievements of the Maya Lin. A few years later, she received a master's degree at Yale University, went on to receive a doctoral degree at Yale University. Integrity of Americans have not forgotten the contribution of Maya Lin, in the years following the completion of the monument, a large number of honours and awards followed, in 1984 she received the authority of the U.S. construction industry awards - the United States Institute of Building Design Award, and then get President Design Award. She was the U.S. magazine as "the 20th century's 100 most important Americans" one. In the U.S. capital of Washington, Maya Lin's monument has become the most to watch one of the places. When people find their own memorial on the names of friends or relatives, they remembered the sadness and reflection and introspection in the price of life and death. A genuine artist's works should have such power. A true artist only adhere to their own souls, and his works can be touched by the people of the world, beyond the times._________________________________from:www.just4gold.comFFXI GilAge of Conan Gold 2moons dilworld of warcraft gold


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